Beautify and Protect your Home with Pressure Washing

As you plan regular maintenance for your home, be sure to add residential pressure washing to your to-do list. More than just removing unsightly spots, a good professional cleaning prevents problems caused by dirt, poor water drainage, mold and mildew. It is also crucial to do before you paint the siding on your house. A good pressure washing is a quick way to brighten the look of your home and keep your siding or paint job looking new.

Beautify and Protect your Home with Pressure Washing

Improve Drainage

Many homeowners dread cleaning clogged gutters. Instead of doing it yourself, try pressure washing, which is much safer easier than climbing up on a ladder with a pair of gloves and a trash bag. Too many leaves and sticks in your gutter will cause rainwater to overflow and damage both your roof and foundation. Though snow and ice is rare in our area, we still need to consider it. Wet snow adds weight to the gutters and water becomes trapped in the debris, allowing ice to form during a refreeze. Pressure washing eliminates all of these hazards.

Clear Windows and Clean Siding

Window cleaning, especially on upper floors, is another chore homeowners do not love. Though if you don’t clean them regularly, windows become dirty and mildew will even form. This blocks the natural sunlight from entering your home, making your house even colder and driving up heating bills. Schedule a pressure washing to brighten your indoor spaces.

Siding looks great when you first install it on your home, but a good cleaning can keep it looking that way. The textured surface can trap dirt and mildew, making it difficult to scrub off. It is especially important to give siding a good cleaning if you plan to paint your siding before freezing weather arrives.

Refresh Your Deck

As you put your furniture, potted plants or grill away for the winter you may notice dirty spots when everything is gone. Decks, like siding, are also prone to mildew. Not only will pressure washing keep the deck looking nice after your accessories are put away, but it is important to prepare the material if you are going to apply a sealant or do other repair work.

Investing in a regular pressure washing for your home not only makes it look good, it also prevents damage and is safer than many do it yourself methods. For more information, please contact us.