Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

As a business owner, do you ever give a second thought to that dirty receptacle that you toss your trash into on a regular basis? Maybe you stay away from it all together and require that your employees or cleaning staff handle all of the necessary garbage disposal because you are disgusted at the thought of it. If your dumpster pad is an eyesore and source of avoidance for even you, the one who loves your company the most, then imagine what a turn off it can be to a potential customer or employee.

The concrete pad surrounding your dumpster is an area of your business that cannot go without the proper amount of attention. If it is often overlooked when it comes to routine cleaning, then it becomes not only a foul-smelling spot to avoid but also a potentially hazardous problem causing both environmental and health-related issues. Rodent and insect infestation, growth of bacteria, and slippery surfaces are just a few of the potential problems that occur when a dumpster pad is left alone. These are serious issues that can cause further problems and can escalate quickly if not addressed in an expedient and professional manner.

That is why the regular pressure washing of your company’s dumpster pad is highly recommended and crucial for continued growth and prosperity! If you want to focus on attracting new customers and hiring the best employees, then you need to provide a clean and safe environment. A greasy and slippery surface surrounding daily dumpster activity is a serious opportunity for harm, and this potential hazard needs to be eliminated and remain at bay. DFW Pressure Works is proud to serve customers all across the Dallas and Fort Worth communities who are seeking to reduce this hazard and maintain a fresh and odor-free commercial property for all to enjoy.

Pressure washing is both a safe and effective choice when it comes to powerful cleaning of the most disgusting of surfaces. A concrete dumpster pad contains an assortment of some of the dirtiest sights and most putrid smells in existence, especially for those who have dropped the ball in previous months and years and let this filth accumulate. This cleaning task is one that is not easily completed and is best suited for a cleaning professional. We know, at DFW Pressure Works, that we are doing you a favor by stepping in to take on the dirty work that no one else wants to do, and we are happy to perform that service for you. We enjoy the look of satisfaction on our customers’ faces when we have done the impossible and transformed their messy surface into its former glory.

So, stop skirting around the serious issue you have out back surrounding your dumpster and allow our team to help in bringing value back to your property by reducing the seriously hazardous risks around your dumpster pad. Call us today and we’ll give you a dumpster pad cleaning estimate and all of the necessary info you need to get your business looking its best in no time!