Discover the Best Gum Removal Solution

Are you familiar with the phrase “gum pollution”? When a person carelessly disposes of their chewing gum on sidewalks and paved surfaces, it makes the area look grungy, dirty, and stained. Chewing gum today is manufactured from synthetic rubber that will never naturally degrade. Only a professional cleaning service is effective at gum removal.

Discover the Best Gum Removal Solution

Chewing gum is one of the world’s oldest confections, consumed for thousands of years. In the United States, chewing gum is a $2 billion a year industry, and 1.74 trillion sticks of chewing gum are produced every year. Improper disposal is an almost unfathomable problem.

Gum pollution is everywhere, and it is disgusting. If not removed, it creates unsightly marks on pavement that will last for years. It is a challenge to remove gum from concrete, brick, and other surfaces. DFW Pressure Works is your solution.

The problem of gum pollution exists in all high traffic areas, and its removal is not easy. Our cleaning service can effectively remove chewing gum from walkways and building entryways. DFW Pressure Works uses the right pressure washing equipment, and has the skilled staff, to remove residue left from gum and keep your business free from dirt and grime.

There are many services that offer gum removal. However, if you take pride in your business, there is only one choice. DFW Pressure Works has the tools and experience for complete gum removal. We have mastered the art of gum removal and cleaning the stains caused when it bonds to surfaces.

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