Why Professional Gutter Cleaning Is So Important

Why Professional Gutter Cleaning Is So ImportantWhen it comes to home maintenance, many people don’t think much about the gutters. They’re simply there to help direct rainwater away from the home. However, gutter cleaning is a lot more important than you might realize. It’s smart to have your gutters professionally cleaned at least once a year.


Occasionally, debris from trees falls on the roof and into the gutter. This can cause a blockage, preventing rain water from flowing freely through the gutters. The water starts to back up and becomes stagnant in the gutters. Sometimes, the blockage starts small, allowing some water to slip past. Eventually, though, leaves and other debris will build up and completely block the gutter.

Standing Water and Rotting Wood

When the water doesn’t flow freely, it backs up and becomes a pool of water trapped in the gutter. This spells trouble for your roof. If the water in the gutter rises enough to touch the roof, it will start to soak into the roof, causing the wood to rot. Fixing rotting wood in the roof usually means expensive repairs.

Water Where You Don’t Want It

Additionally, when the gutters start to back up, the water drips out wherever the gutters start overflowing. It might drip down the side of your home, causing stains, or settle on the ground around your house, potentially causing problems with the foundation. Gutters protect your home by directing the water far away from it, but they need to be working effectively to do their job.

You might think that you can clean out any blockages yourself, but it isn’t always the case. A professional gutter cleaning company like ours can easily get rid of the blockages you might not see. Contact us to make an appointment for gutter cleaning.